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Copyrights and Permissions on Visuals and other Multimedia

closeupofdrawingIt has been wonderful to see some of you incorporate visuals into your blog posts, particularly when they help add context, meaning or describe something. I thought it might be good to share some tips on how to source visual and other materials, and how to respect the ownership rights of those materials. I asked Alan for some suggestions, because he teaches a course called DS106 which is a well-spring of creativity and includes some wonderful examples of reuse and remix of existing materials. (DO check it out!) He suggested the Creative Common’s site as a primary reference. Creative Common is a place where you can learn about different alternatives to traditional copyright. I’d suggest EVERYONE take a look at this site. When it comes time to make your video’s at the end of the course, you will a) have the choice about what kind of license to put on your work (for example, everything on my blog is a Creative Commons Share Alike License. (b) If you use materials other than things you and your team have created, you have a choice about how you acknowledge the ownership of that material. One strategy is to mine the wealth of Creative Commons licensed materials and SKIP all together things with a copyright. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read the Creative Common’s site.

Here are Alan’s other recommendations:

This NZ video is good

I did a Mozilla Lesson plan on “ImageSeeking for Fantastic Visual Metaphors”; there’s a video there that while kid oriented, makes a decent case for CC (though I wish the messages were not wrapped in threats of breaking laws)

I keep a list of sources of open licensed media

By the way, the image I used here is my own. You can use it with a reference back to me!

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Maarten’s Tips for NGO Partners

It is great that Maarten van Leeuwen is back on board as an NGO partner for Project Community. He was asking on Twitter about this year’s hashtag (which is #ProjComm14) and in return, I asked if he had any tips for new tutors. Here are his hints!


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Ready, Set, GO!

I think I’m ready. I hope I’m ready. I’m strapping on my seatbelt because from what I saw from last week’s introductions, the Project Community group is energetic and ready to go. I’ve introduced myself in my video, but I thought I’d share a few things I’ve been working on.

Last week I did some sketchnoting at #SOCAP14, the social capital markets conference. I met a lot of people who are interested in designing things for a better world, and to develop business models that pay attention not just to profit, but the overall impact (positive and negative) of the company. This is sometimes called “triple bottom line.” In any case, here are a few of my sketchnotes. Sketching ideas can both be a thinking process, a “harvesting” process and a tool for sharing. As you meet your NGOs this week, you might consider taking some sketch notes and then sharing them with your team and your NGO contact. Then you can check to see if you heard well! ┬áIn the meantime, see you online!






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